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  Women “Our Feet” – F1

Wednesday 24 / November / 2021



Women “Our Feet” – F1

Geostrategic Location. StartupCity Braga.

Circular Economy: New business. StartupCity Ostrava

Break. Surprising activities.

Global Citizens Engagement - Artemis initiative. StartupCity Heraklion.

Game iArea - 2022 Global Startups Call. StartupCity Cologne & StartupCity Malaga.

 Lunch break. @ll participants.

StartupCity Malaga's Star Projects.

Health iArea - 2022 Global Startups Call. StartupCity Cluj-Napoca.

Women Action Plan of Global StartupCities' leader Mayors in the bottom-up #EiA European innovation Area. Chair StartupCity Cologne + Co-chair StartupCity Vantaa.

Break. Surprising activities.