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Málaga Summit | November 24, 2021

“StartupCities transforming innovation”

We are already working on the next edition of @uniquesummit, dated November 24, 2021.




What is the summit about?

9 StartupCities from 8 countries across Europe will showcase their startup ecosystem with the aim of exchanging experiences, exposing good practices, and generating new business opportunities around four global accelerators: Market, Talent, Women, and Young.


Who is this summit for?

The @uniquesummit is a chance for companies with growth potential to meet with other organisations, public administrations, and investors to share ideas, present innovative solutions and boost the startup ecosystem in their territories.


Which startupcities are organising the summit?

Co-organising StartupCities are Braga, Portugal; Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Cologne, Germany; Heraklion, Greece; Ostrava, Czech Republic; Valencia, Spain; Vantaa, Finland; Varna, Bulgaria and Malaga, Spain. All of them stand out for their innovation and their commitment to promoting dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Additional cities worldwide will have the chance to participate as co-organisers in the summit by submitting a video presentation of their top-notch initiatives on promoting startups and applying innovative solutions in their territories.

5 event areas

All StartupCities will work as one by displaying their own individual resources for a multiplier effect on boosting their innovative ecosystems.


Your city can also become a co-organiser of the GSC

Take part in the startupcities ecosystem by summiting a video describing your city solid economic assets and pointing out the opportunities to invest and connect with other territories. The selected proposals will be available to watch for the show's attendees and posted on the StartupCities Summit website to interconnect innovative environments worldwide.




2nd Global StartupCities Summit 2021

@uniquesummit #StartupCitiesSummit #EiA

StartupCity Malaga November 24rd, 2021

  Our Heart – Main Hall

Wednesday 24 / November / 2021



Our Heart – Main Hall

Official Opening @uniquesummit #StartupCitiesSummit in the bottom-up #EiA - European innovation Area. Mayor & CEO StartupCity Malaga

Official Presentation of StartupCities co-organisers’ delegations* from XX cities & XX countries.

Bottom-up #EiA’s Global Business Matchmaking: B2B, B2C, Investors, StartupCities Teams (COOs, ISOs, Innovation Teams, etc.).

VIP Tour in StartupCity Malaga’s booster locations. CEOs of StartupCities + Honorific Global StartupCities Ambassador.

Lunch break

Official signing of the 1st collaborative agreement between StartupCities’ managing entities impulsed by Promálaga (StartupCities’ Malaga managing entity). Witness @ll CEOs + Commissioner & Honorific Global StartupCities Ambassador.

PRIVATE VIP meetings & interviews. 15:30 – 16:00 Mayor & CEO Malaga. 17:00 – 17:30 special interviews Mayor & CEO Malaga + Commissioner & Honorific Global StartupCities Ambassador.

Official 1st STEAM’s Global StartupCities Ambassador – Mr. XX representing StartupCity Malaga. Mayor & CEO + Commissioner & Honorific Global StartupCities Ambassador.

Official Closing. @uniquesummit #StartupCitiesSummit in the bottom-up #EiA - European innovation Area. Commissioner & Honorific Global StartupCities Ambassador

Transfer of “@uniquesummit pin+book” to next host city & Launching of 4rd Global StartupCities Summit @uniquesummit #StartupCitiesSummit. CEO to CEO of host cities + @ll participants.

Family picture of @ll participants by Fycma drone.

Wanna join #StartupCitiesSummit 2021?

Wednesday 24 November 2021